Moves Against the Mavericks

Emily Neyens, Print Staff

On Friday, Feb. 26, the boys JV basketball team took on the McCutcheon Mavericks for their last game of the season. The boys lost a close game with a score of 50-53.

   “I think our last game, overall, went well. We played really well on defense because we limited their offensive production. We probably could have shot a little better, I know I didn’t shoot very well that game, but it was still very close,” Mitch Milausnic (10) said. 

   Although the boys may not have had a perfect game, they worked well defensively according to Milausnic. Even though the boys ended up losing, they pushed hard to make their last game of the season memorable.

   “Even though we ended up losing our last game, I was still satisfied with how it went because the last game really made me realize how great this season was and how much fun I had with this group of guys,” Ethan Coil (10) said. 

   Each player has their own set of goals that they hope to achieve during each game and overall for the season. Making goals as a team helps the boys stay on track and motivated to reach their overall goal. 

  “Like always, my personal goal is to make [the team] and get rotational minutes, but the end goal for the team is always a conference championship and a Sectional championship and we should have the talent to do both,” Garret Weber (10) said. 

   According to Weber, the boys have formed close friendships with each other, which has made the season a fun and worthwhile experience. The team has bonded together this season and many of the players have known each other since middle school.

   “The best part about competing this year is getting to do it right next to some of my best friends,” Coil said.