Celebrating culture


Parneet Gill (10) and her dance partner perform at Hum night 2021. Parneet Gill attended Hum night every year.

Maya Gorney, print staff

  Hum night 2021 was a celebration of Indian culture through dances, songs and other performances. This night allowed Indian-American school kids, their family and friends to learn and celebrate this beautiful culture that many people are unable to experience in the current world and place we live in today. Parneet Gill (10) was able to bring her friends and immerse them in her culture.

   “Hum night is an event where we bring together different schools and the Indian-American kids at the school with the other students from the schools. The word “Hum” literally means “Us,” so we have this event to celebrate with everyone,” Gill said.

   Parneet’s friends were able to watch Parneet participate in the performances this night. She performed in two events. Everyone at this event was also served traditional Indian food. This event brought in multiple different aspects of its culture. 

   “I talked with my friends, ate good food, watched performers and I danced afterwards,” Ava Moreno (10) said.

   Attendees also dressed up in outfits for this event. Gill gave each of her friends an outfit to wear. She chose each outfit individually keeping that person and their style in mind, choosing what she thought was best for each person. 

   “I wore a blue and pink suit. I borrowed it from my friend Parneet who was the one who invited me” Moreno said.

   Overall, this experience was an immersion of Indian and modern day culture. Incorporating some popular rap songs into almost all of its performances. At the end of the night, after the performances and food, everyone there was encouraged to go out on the dance floor and have a good time.

   “My favorite part about Hum night is definitely watching the performances that everyone has spent so much time putting together. I also really enjoyed performing and the open dance floor afterwards where everyone came together,” Gill said.