Girls Volleyball Slams Lowell

Olivia Mapes, Print Team Leader

Monday night the girls volleyball teams went head to head with the Lowell Devils. Lake Central won all of its games including two freshmen games, two JV games, and five Varsity games.   

    “We have a really good team, we work really well together and we’ve done really well so far so I’m hoping we’ll go far,” Kaelan Murphy (10) said. 

   The teams won all of their games. The JV struggled a bit at the beginning of their games but pulled through.

   “The game was good, we could’ve done better but we still came out with the win. We could’ve had a lot more energy and just communicated more on the court but overall it was good,” Reese Bevil (10) said.

   There are two new coaches this year. Even with new coaching styles the girls are still looking forward to a good season.

  “In general, the varsity program has a goal to be sectional champions and they’re striving for that and I think that as long as they keep that goal in mind and keep working for that everyday they can be successful towards that and maybe even go further. My JV team wants to finish top of the conference this season and I think that they can definitely do that,” Coach Piper Thomas said. 

   While being top of the conference is one of the team’s main goals some players want to take more away from the year. To some, playing is not only about winning. 

   “The major thing I want to take away is just good friendships and good memories,” Ayva Burns (9) said.