Who is Joe Stalking Now?

Allison Potpora, Web Content Editor

   A long awaited premiere, season 3 of “You” was finally released Oct. 15, adding not only more episodes, but more women, more killings and, of course, more Joe Goldberg. In this American psychological thriller, main character Joe moves out of New York and into the modern California suburb of Madre Linda with his wife, Love Quinn and their son Henry. 

   So, Joe got the girl, he got the kid and he got away with murder (a few times too might I add); so everything should be perfect right? Wrong. In this new season, Joe and Love have quite a few more skeletons in their closet than the average newlyweds. They go through counseling, doubt and jealousy. Will they get through it, or will they turn on each other and their new community?

   I personally recommend adding You season three to your Netflix wish list if you like suspense, drama, or maybe just Penn Badgley. I watched it in less than a week and I can not wait for the confirmed season four.