Interview with Pia Lopez, President of Student Council

Jackson Novak, Design Editor

Q: Would you please introduce yourself and talk a little about the Student Council?   

A: My name is Pia Lopez and I’m the president of the Student Council, a community service- based club. We have two main fundraisers per year but we also are open to any opportunities where we can help out. 

Q: What are the duties of the Student Council?

A: The duties include running the Angel Tree fundraiser with The Salvation Army, which is one of the biggest fundraisers we have. It happens annually and we are in charge of making sure underprivileged kids in our area get gifts when they usually wouldn’t. 

Q: Can you explain the details of the current chocolate bar fundraiser Student Council is having?

A: Student Council is selling chocolate bars for one dollar each, like previous years. We are also selling Albanese gummy bear packets, which are two for one dollar. Both sales will run through November.

Q: Will students be able to purchase candy at school?

A: Students may buy candy during the school day just as long as it’s safely handled. Students have to approach a council representative they see with a box or bag and ask to purchase the candy, representatives are not allowed to approach students so as to not bother anyone.

Q:  How are the candy sale funds tied to the Angel Tree fundraiser?

A:  All money collected goes into a special fund the council uses to purchase toys for the Angel Tree fundraiser. Members do a special trip to Target or WalMart to purchase items asked for by the children.

Q:  What are the collection dates for the toys?

A:  The start date will be soon, we do not have an exact date yet but collection will run through early December.

Q: Can you please explain the donation process?

A:  There are several ways to donate; by buying candy, making a monetary donation in person or through the Angel Tree website, dropping toys off at a donation box, or getting a tag from Mr. Lee in Rm E126.

Q:  How does the Student Council handle the donations and deliveries?

A:  All money goes in a special Angel Tree account and all physical donations are held in Mr. Lee’s room. The money is then used to buy toys and other items kids ask for. I keep saying toys but in reality, sometimes kids ask for coats, hats, gloves or other items they may need. We are having several small donation deliveries to The Salvation Army where volunteers set up all the donations for the children.

Q:  Is there anything else special you would like students to know about the fundraiser?

A:  I would like students to know that these donations go directly to kids in our area and make a big difference in their childhoods by giving them a special holiday. Also, all dates and links for donations will be posted on the student Council’s Instagram page. Any questions can be directed to council officers at [email protected], [email protected]

Q: What type of plans does the Student Council have for next semester?

A:  We are looking into several options for events and small fundraisers. We hope to bring back The Color Run in the spring but plans cannot be approved yet because of possible COVID-19 restrictions.