Two Acts, One Scene

Kevin Aharrah, Design Editor

   The Lake Central Theatre Company performed the last showing of its “A Night of One Acts” performances on Saturday, Oct. 23, the third day this was presented in Lake Central’s auditorium.  “Confession: Kafka in High School” starring Ethan Scheuneman (11) and Raeann Risos (11), alongside “And Then There Was One: A Spoof” featuring Justin Aponte (11) and Elouise Planert (11), were the two plays acted out in front of a live audience.

   Displayed first was “Confession: Kafka in High School”, based around a student’s interrogation over a crime he is never told about and did not commit.  Meanwhile, “And Then There Was One:  A Spoof” is a twist based off of its source material:  ten people are sent to a mansion on a remote island in a bizarre social experiment, but where the original involves the gradual picking-off of the guests by an unknown killer, here it turns out that none of the victims had actually died and the organizer had no sinister intentions in mind.  Throughout the entire showing, the theatre crew used only one scene as a central thematic element.  The first act used a minimalistic setup — one doorframe and no lighting other than three spotlights in front of drawn curtains — to complement the student’s psychological suffering, while “And Then There Was One:  A Spoof” made use of the more colorful and vibrant room scene set up behind this.

   With the last of the fall play performances over, the Lake Central Theatre Company must now begin its preparations for the upcoming spring play.  It plans to present the musical “Theory of Relativity” between March 3 and 5, 2022, although there will be private events and competitions in the meantime.

   “Theatre now is still fun because we are still working on the contest show, but we are starting to get ready for the spring musical auditions,” Aponte said.