Art Class Attendance Skyrockets

Hannah Reed and Hannah Reed

Getting into an art class is harder than it may seem. This year alone, LC has had to turn away 200 students. No freshmen are permitted to be in the ceramics class due to the fact that the amount of students in a class must be kept low.

“When I first got here, there was only one ceramics class,” Ms. Christine Colle, Art, said.

Ceramics is much more difficult than it looks, and if you’re looking for a blow-off, this is not the class to take.This class is very challenging. Some students take it for a blow-off, but others get really into it and do some really good work,” Colle said.

Students take it for other reasons., too

“Honestly, I just take it to make cool things. I get really proud of my work,” Alina Brown (11) said.

Art judges say some students from Lake Central’s art program are at the caliber of college students.

“When we raise the standards of our art, they meet it. They work better than most,” Colle said.

Art classes, especially ceramics, are more than meets the eye.

“I would tell other people to take art. Who doesn’t like expressing themselves?” Brown said.