Della Steif, Print Team Leader

   After the Covid-19 pandemic closed everything down last year, the Christmas spirit is back in swing for those who celebrate it. There are many different events and things that can be done this Christmas season, things from driving around with a group of friends or other people you care about and looking at Christmas lights, or even going to a scheduled event in your town. So, what are these events? Well you could go to the multiple tree showings in the area, an event where people buy a tree and decorate it to show off to your town, Lowell has a tree showing in the downtown area, Saint John has a tree showing as well, if you have younger siblings, going and seeing Santa in the park, or in shopping mall could be a fun day for them. On Dec. 11, Hobart is having Christmas time at the mill store set up to do some holiday shopping and to have some hot cocoa when done with the day. On Dec. 22, Crown Point is hosting a holiday trivia game, perfect to test your knowledge of the holiday season and classical Christmas movies. With a quick google search, you can find many craft stores are doing “make your own decorations” events, which would be a perfect family event if your family enjoys going out and doing things together. Friends who can drive can take a little group out and go look at the lights hung up around people’s houses, find the ones that connect with a radio station and just have some fun. This time of year is about family, friends and love, so enjoy it!