Spilling the Beans on Ricochet Taco

Krista Kulacz, Print Team Leader

   Ricochet Tacos is a self proclaimed “Modern American” restaurant that specializes in creating unique fusion-style tacos. They currently  have two locations in Indiana with one being in Crown Point Square and the other in Valparaiso. Their menu features 11 signature tacos that can also be made into a quesadilla, burrito, or salad. Additionally, they feature one “taco of the month” every month and this month’s taco is called “The Filthy Animal.” The taco features fried chicken, potato croquettes, cheddar cheese, elotes, bacon, gravy, fried onions and is topped with Valentina hot sauce.

   I decided to stop at Ricochet Tacos to try their new taco of the month and here is what I thought about it. Upon first bite, you get the crispy chicken combined with the flavors of all the different cheesy elements and the gravy. The fried onions provided a nice crunch and the hot sauce was a good finish. Overall, the flavors that came through the most were cheese and hot sauce. I did not particularly care for the addition of the bacon or gravy and I think overall the taco was a bit dry because of the dryness of the chicken. I also ordered the True Romance taco and chips and elotes as a side. Personally, I liked both of these more than the taco of the month, but everyone has their own taste. Overall the taco of the month was good, but I think I will stick to my usual True Romance taco.

   With a price of $5-7 per taco, this restaurant is slightly more upscale than your typical taco place. However, I believe the price to be worth it if you are looking for unique, tasty tacos and friendly service. If you are in the Crown Point area, I encourage you to stop by Ricochet Tacos and give their tacos a try.