Striking First

Cami Lollis, Print Staff

Cobra Kai returns to Netflix for its fourth season. The season was released on Dec. 31, 2021.

   Returning for season four, “Cobra Kai” kicks off the start of a new era for “The Karate Kid” fans. The show released its fourth season on Dec. 31 of last year. 

   The show opens up with a man playing a piece on the piano. Kreese, Johnny Lawrence’s sensei and the creator of Cobra Kai, calls the man to ask for a favor. The man then declines his call. 

   Cutting to a new scene, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence put aside their differences and attempt to team up. Lawrence’s new group, the Eagle Fangs, and LaRusso’s group, the Miyagi-Dos, start to learn each other’s karate styles.

   However, the two senseis have very different styles of teaching and viewpoints on karate. Lawrence is much more aggressive and loud, whereas LaRusso’s style is focused on defense and peace. 

   Catching up with the Cobra Kai dojo, Robby has quit fighting for now. Kreese tries to convince him to join Cobra Kai.  Robby declines the offer and wants to stay out of the rivalry between the karate dojos. 

   Kreese visits the man who he called at the beginning of the show, who is revealed to be Terry Silver, an old friend and founder of Cobra Kai. Silver expresses his discomfort and reluctance to join forces with Kreese.

   Unrest breaks out between the Eagle Fangs and Miyagi-Dos. LaRusso and Lawrence get into an argument over the way training should be done. The pair decide to try to get along and figure out how to make it work. Eventually, they decide they will be unable to work together and will split apart their alliance. 

   After returning to LaRusso’s dojo the next day, the pair prepare to break the bad news to the kids. They then see the kids working together to build a sparring deck for the dojo. Lawrence and LaRusso decide to stick together and work towards their shared goal of taking down Cobra Kai.

   By the end of the episode, Robby has decided to rejoin Cobra Kai. He plans to teach the kids Miyagi-Dos style of karate in order to beat them at the All-Valley Tournament. Kreese gets through to Silver and manages to convince him to team up with him to take down the other dojos.

   I will definitely be watching the rest of the season. Each episode adds a lot to the overall story and I can’t wait to see how the story pans out.  I like how each episode has its own story in it that adds to the plot of each season.