Following the Beat

Jacqueline Perez and Josh Hayes

   To better prepare for this year’s ISSMA concert, the Lake Central Wind Ensemble performed a pre-ISSMA concert In front of three musical clinicians.  Following the performance, the band received direct and personalized feedback on how to better improve for their ISSMA concert.

   The practice was a little scary leading up to it but I think, all in all, it was really good and we got a lot of good information out of it,” Christian Wierzbicki (12) said.

   After two years, the Lake Central Wind Ensemble will return to perform at the state’s ISSMA concert. This will be the first ISSMA performance held since the spring of 2019.

   “I think for the stage that we are at in the level of readiness I think it went really well. We are still preparing, we are still getting things ironed out.” Alexander Bond 

   The ISSMA concert will be at Penn High School on April 29. Here, bands from high schools across Indiana will come together to perform and receive a rating of gold, silver or bronze. 

   “I felt good about the performance, especially seeing how far we’ve come. I think we had some of our best runs. I think we will get gold at ISSMA and achieve all we hoped for,” Gianna Silvers (12) said.