Harry’s House Takes over Everyone’s House

Allison Potpora, Web Content Editor

 On Thursday, May 19, Harry Styles took the world by storm once again with a new album named Harry’s House. With 13 new songs, each deriving a different stylistic approach, Styles highlights important topics including love, sex, addiction and vulnerability. Compared to his last album “Fine Line”, which was released in 2019, Harry’s house has a more intimate feel that may not shake the stadium as much as treat people with kindness does but gets you in your feelings on the car ride home or on a mellow summer day. 

   Like most of his other songs and albums, Harry Styles uses the same collaborators and other artists in this album. For almost all of the songs on the track, Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson are his co-writers, but other well known producers and writers are mentioned. For example the song “Matilda” has Amy Allen and Cinema is solely written by Harry Styles and Sammy Witte. 

   Even though most of the songs carry an upbeat tune or melody, his lyrics contradict the music notes and convey a deeper meaning. In “Keep Driving” he has a driving semi-positive beat but combines it with the lyrics, “Should we just keep driving” and “Wine glass, puff pass, tea with cyborgs, riot America, Science and edibles…”. By doing this his music asks his audience to find the deeper meaning and interpret it in a way that fits their life and their feelings. 

   Overall, this album definitely lived up to the hype and I will definitely be listening to it on repeat from now on. Out of all the songs, “Keep Driving” and “Late Night Talking” are my favorites but Satellite is a close second. Harry Styles has come a long way from his time with One Direction and even from Fine Line three years ago. He continues to push the boundaries of music and hidden meanings and will continue to leave his audience with the questions: When is more music coming out, when are more concerts coming, and how does he do it?