Kicking Off the Season

Julio Herrera, Head Photo Editor

   Junior Varsity boys soccer plays on their home field against Merrillville Highschool on August 17th. The boys put a lot of work and dedication in during the summer to win against the team and they won by a mercy rule of 10-0.

   “I look forward to going to state, I think we put in the most amount of work that we could in the summer. When I was younger, I barely knew how to pass and now I know how to do combination plays, switching, and positioning,” Evan Crowley (9) said.

   Coming into highschool, Crowley had an improvement of his soccer career more than his years in club soccer. A good companionship helps players to play better with each other and have more memories to build up like Cayden Hutsler (11).

   “I’ve been playing the game for a very long time and I really enjoy playing it with the people I play with. This season I’ve definitely improved a lot myself and our team is working very hard and developing well with each other. My favorite memory is probably the late bus rides home from victorious games with the team. For playing soccer it takes a lot of running so to be strong and well conditioned is one of the main things,” Hutsler said.

   While there are many important things to playing soccer, players get strength and motivation from memories to help them perform better for Hutsler. Even while the team was winning by the first half, they never let down their guard and focused on giving everything they had.

   “As of right now, I’m looking forward to getting more confident with the ball and better in my play and hopefully I can try and make varsity this year, it’s a stretch but not impossible. I feel like I always give my one hundred percent, I treat every game as it could be my last one. Once you have that mentality, you feel like you’re never going to hold back and it’s always there. When I was a little kid, I saw really good players like Messi and Ronaldo and I was like I kind of want to do that, “ Kevin Hernandez (11) said.