Dominating the Court

Fariha Khaja, Design Editor

   On September 12, 2022, at Munster High School, the girls JV volleyball team beat Munster 2-0. The smell of the court and the touch of the volleyball in their hands, gave the girls resilience to power through the end of the game. 

   “We started off well by controlling the ball on our side and having good energy,” said Gabriella Rodriquez (11). 

   Even though the game went by fast, the girls stuck to their routine. They made sure everyone had a chance to play and made sure everyone played fairly.

   “I always tell my team you play how you practice. I feel we need to continue a strong competitive practice with high energy and everyone pushing each other to continue a strong season,” said Coach Ortiz.

   The girl’s playing structure was organized, but some of the players let the other team get into their heads. Causing them to lose points and then lose faith that they will win.

   “Once the second set came we thought we had already won it, so we let Munster easily get in our heads once we started to make mistakes,” Rodriquez said. 

 Even though the game went smoothly, some of the players were fighting physical battles within themselves. Which caused them to make mistakes with their structure doing the game.

   “I felt the Munster game went okay. We have been dealing with a few injuries and illnesses,” Ortiz said.

   Mentally, the girls were fighting through the fierce competition, but in the end they won. The girls look forward to their next competition and are ready to go beyond their mental capacities.

   “Our goal is to take it one day at a time and continue with the next challenge or opponent we have to prepare for,” Coach Ortiz said.