The Abortion Debate

Sam Rhody, Print Staff

   On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade, a law in place legalizing abortions (Housman, 2022). After it was overturned, the decision to legalize it was up to the states. At this point, 13 states have completely outlawed abortions. Indiana has severely restricted them as of Sept. 15 (Planned Parenthood Actions Fund). This is a highly debated topic that many have differing viewpoints on. On top of forming their own belief, some have created viewpoints on other’s beliefs.

   “The main argument for people who are pro-life, who are mainly radical Christains, is they want to attach the Bibel’s critisms of abortions, whether they are there or not, to law, which undermines the fact that the American government is separate from religion. …It is stupid,” Ahmad Hijaz (11) said.

   While some people look to their religion to create their viewpoints, others look to their parents and family. Family is normally the first reference group that people look at to form their beliefs.

   “I’m pro-life and have been living in a conservative family. I learned from them. …I don’t think it should be legal unless there is some special case. If it was a serious rape, it would be okay, but I would still prefer if the kid was put up for adoption instead of aborted,” Mile Stojakovic (10) said.

   Many will look outside of themselves to form their opinions as to what they believe. They don’t just look at how it will affect them but how it will affect others, as well.

   “It is a right taken away from women. …I don’t know necessarily if I would do it, but it’s nice to have the option. If people don’t want to do it, it’s not just affecting them; it affects everyone else,” Bayless Neth (9) said.

   Some people do not agree with this viewpoint. They believe that abortions are inherently bad and should not be used. 

   “In my opinion, I believe abortions are bad and should only be used in the most extreme cases, such as where the mother’s life is in danger. …If a person doesn’t want the baby because they had unprotected sex, I don’t think it is right.,” Ammara Mansoor (10) said.


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