Counselor speaks out to students


Counselor Sneffner and Charles Sykes (10) begin to discuss Sykes high school plans and college plans. Sneffner handed out pamphlets on college, SAT prep, and ACT prep to every student who requested to see him.

LynNora Trosper and Carrie Wadycki

Behind every schedule change, every SAT test score, and behind the invisible glue that holds some students together is one of the eight guidance counselors.

“We are here to help people. We’ve been trained to help people with problems with their life, but we are also advisers,” Mr. Senffner, Guidance, said.

Many students at Lake Central know what guidance counselors are. Many, however, don’t know the name of their individual guidance counselor.

“We [the guidance counselors] don’t see students every day. We see you at least twice a year. The rest is up to you,” Senffner said.

Each student sees their counselor to discuss SAT scores and to go over college plans. Seniors, however, are encouraged to talk to and see their counselor as many times as possible. Seniors will want to visit the counselors to go over credits, diplomas, and/or where they would like to apply to college.

“Talking about your future is beneficial because you can formulate a plan. The mistake they [seniors] make in putting off college is [that they will] make snap decisions,” Senffner said.