SOS is Always In My Mind

Sami Conley, Print Staff

   On Dec. 9, the popular R&B/Soul artist that goes by the name SZA released her long awaited sophomore album called SOS. This album was huge since this was the first album she has come out with since 2017. It has a total of 24 songs with popular artists featured on it such as Travis Scott and Phoebe Bridgers. 

  This album includes many other hit songs SZA has dropped over the years such as “Good Days”, “I Hate U” and the single that went with the album “Shirt”. She continues to expand her discography with songs of all genres like with the thirteenth track “F2F” which is a punk/rock song. SZA proves her talent with her diversity in lyrics and vocals with every song on SOS

   Even with her experimenting with new genes on the album she still goes back to her roots with rap songs like “Smoking on my Ex Pack” and the title track “SOS”. These songs are similar to a song she made with Rhianna back in 2017 in which SZA was featured on the song called “Consideration”. Rhiannas album Anti is definitely one to compare to SOS since they both discuss similar topics and have similar genres of music in it. SZA also took inspiration from many other artists with her samples from Masego’s with the song “Navajo”  and Beyonce’s song hit “Listen”.

   In the album SZA tells a story with each song about her relationship and her different emotions and connections she has had with people. Heartbreak and wanting comfort from someone you shouldn’t is a theme she talks about often, like in the song “Notice Me” where she said, “I can’t regret no times spent with you/And I still wonder if you notice me”. As you get deeper into the album you start to see her development of her emotions and how she has grown from the events that have happened in her life. 

   SZA was the first black women to reach #1 spot of the most streamed artist daily ranking on global spotify. Following the release of SOS she was the most streamed artist on spotify, surpassing Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny.  With the success of SOS, SZA said that the album dropping process caused a lot of stress and this may sadly be one of her last albums. Even with this news, her fans hope to continue to see SZA releasing music and creating something so many people can relate to.