Dreamworks Last Wish- Puss in Boots Review

Fariha Khaja, Comet Editor-in-Chief

On September 23, 2022, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish came out to theaters. It has been 11 years since the original movie. The movie starts out with us knowing that Puss has lost all, but one of his lives after the events of the first movie. Even though things were tough, a bounty hunter, which is later revealed to be Death, hunts Puss. Puss must find the Wishing Star, which would be able to give him back his remaining lives. But, other outlaws like Puss are also looking for the Wishing Star.

After traveling with his companion Perrito, they come across Jack who seemingly has access to the map which leads to the Wishing Star. There he finds his former lover, Kitty SoftPaws. The two quickly start fighting for the map, as Jack finds out the map is missing. He starts to get furious and goes out to find his map. Kitty and Puss give the map to Perrito, after arguing about who gets to keep it. 

After the team enters the Dark Forest, they find out when Perrito holds the map the world around them seems nice and lovely. But, when Kitty or Puss hold the map the world quickly turns grim. The team fight their way across the Dark Forest, while trying to dodge Goldilocks and the Bears and Jack. At the end, Puss finally comes to a face to face encounter with Death and finally shows that he is ready to live his life modestly and have fun along the way

The story in itself is a very emotional story, it teaches us that life isn’t something to take for granted. Dreamworks, also, did an amazing job at the movie. Especially with its animation and plot. It kept you engaged every second and the songs in the movie were brilliant. I think Dreamworks really ended the year with an exceptional movie. I give Puss in Boots: The Last Wish 9.5/10 stars.