Three Seasons of Three Lost Treasures: Outer Banks Review

   On Feb. 23 Netflix released the third season of the popular show, “Outer Banks”. The show follows a group of teenagers that live on Kildare Island, an island off the coast of North Carolina. The goal of the plot is to find numerous missing treasures that have been considered legends.

   Season one introduced the audience to the main characters: John Booker Routledge (John B), JJ Maybank, Kiara Carrera, Pope Heyward and Sarah Cameron. Kildare Island is split up into two categories of social classes, Pogues and Kooks. Our main characters are pogues, meaning they are a part of the lower class and are frowned upon. Kooks are the upper class, live in nice houses, and do not associate themselves with Pogues. “John B.” follows his missing father’s footsteps by trying to find the lost treasure from a historical ship called the “Royal Merchant”.

   After finding the lost gold, season two develops into the treasure being stolen by Sarah Cameron’s dad, Ward Cameron. The group strives to get it back, while also searching for a gold treasure connected to the Royal Merchant ship, the Cross of Santo Domingo. Once they found out that this new quest was an ancestral heirloom of Pope Heyward, these teenagers wanted to make sure that it was not taken from them. The finale shows the Pogues battling Ward Cameron for possession of all of the found treasure on a cargo ship on the way to Guadeloupe. Such a fight turned into a life and death situation. Each Pogue struggled to protect the cross but worked together to help each other survive and hopefully obtain all of their gold. The season ends with the Cameron family winning the battle, causing the Pogues to literally jump ship to avoid being hurt by their enemies. Our final update of the teengers shows them living on a deserted island in the middle of the Caribbean.

   Once the Pogues were able to get off the island by a plane that passed by, they reached Barbados, where they met a villainous man named Carlos Singh. He revealed a third treasure called “El Dorado”. This is supposed to be a lost South American treasure, believed to possibly belong to the Mayans. While escaping from Singh’s supervision, “John B.” reunited with his missing father, Big John. After pulling a few strings, all the teenagers make it back to Kildare Island, after six weeks of being gone. Through many bumps and fellow treasure hunters, the Pogues reunite together on their home island as Big John gets kidnapped by Singh and taken to South America. Now the Pogues have to push aside their differences after rough patches with one another and team together to save Big John. John B and Sarah make it to South America and save Big John as well as secure the gold. Singh attempts to stop them but fails as the season ends.

   I thought this season was a lot more action packed than any other season. I loved JJ and Kiara getting together after the long awaited two seasons. I feel like this season turned into more of a violent, and action-filled show whereas the first season was about high school kids having fun over summer and chasing after treasure. I thought that bringing Big John back to life and reuniting him with John B was unexpected, because I thought he was dead, but I definitely liked that they were reunited. Season three also brings in new settings like the Bahamas, Guadeloupe and South America. The new places bring in new characters too. I also enjoyed how the writers brought Cleo in as a Pogue and she became more of a main character in the show. I will definitely be watching season four of the show when it comes out and I am still a big fan of the series.

   Due to the main characters being teenagers, the target audience for this show are teenagers and young adults. The first season came out in May 2020, during the height of COVID-19 quarantine. The liveliness and outside fun from the show sparked inspiration to put down our technology and spend more time outside. That summer had trends to spend more time at the beach and living “in the moment”. One week after the season three release, the cast confirmed that the show was renewed for a fourth season. Director and producer Jonas Pate explained that he plans on having four or five seasons, according to an interview with Entertainment Weekly in April 2020.