North Central Accreditation Team to Visit School

Jamie Zega and lakecentralnews

On Tuesday, Nov. 13 and Wednesday, Nov. 14, the North Central Accreditation team will be visiting the school to observe and assess Lake Central.

“It should be a usual day for most students,” Mr. Robin Tobias, principal, said.

Throughout the school day on Nov. 13, teachers from other districts and other NCA professionals will be observing classes, lunches and passing periods. Around 20 to 30 students will be selected to be interviewed by the NCA team members about strengths and weaknesses of the school. Students who are aides for the office or teachers will likely be interviewed, as well as randomly selected students at lunches.

“We want our students to represent the very best of Lake Central. We don’t want our faculty or students putting on a show for the NCA,” Tobias said.

On Nov. 14, the NCA will return to LC to follow up on interviews with teachers and students and compile their data from observations, as well as other documentation about the school. Some of these documents include basic demographics of the building, graduation requirements and school goals. From all the compiled information, the team will present their final exit report to the principals and other faculty.

These observations happen every five years in order to ensure that the school is fulfilling goals to improve student success rates and make sure the school is up to the highest standards that can be reached.

Tobias had a few words of advice for students as to what to do Tuesday and Wednesday.

“For our students–keep it real, and do some good,” Tobias said.