The Wait is Over

Victoria Brazzale and lakecentralnews

After five months, 113 days to be exact, the wait is over. The NHL is back. After the cancellation of more than half the season, the owners and players have come to an agreement that will allow for a 48-game season.

Issues involving the profit shares in the collective bargaining agreement started the lockout on Sept. 15, 2012, indefinitely postponing the season which was scheduled to start on Oct. 11. Various franchise owners, headed by league commissioner, Gary Bettman, locked out the players from participating in the league.

“The lockout was awful. No one could watch any hockey, and my family and I are really into hockey. We always went to the games. It was the only sport my entire family enjoyed,” Nicole Guglielmo (11) said.

Fans have spent the winter awaiting deal reports that would bring back their season. On Jan. 6, 2013, their wish was granted.

“I woke up that morning and looked it up on Twitter. I was so excited, but I had to look it up in a couple different places, because I was not sure if it was true. My family and I were so excited that we wore our jerseys out that day,” Tiffany Polyak (10) said.

The first puck of the season is set to drop on Jan. 19, a soon-to-be legendary day where all 30 teams in the league will play. The Chicago Blackhawks are scheduled to play against defending Stanley Cup Winners, the Los Angeles Kings.