A Record-Breaking Winter

Jamie Clark and lakecentralnews

During a record-breaking winter, many students who enjoy activities such as snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding have been unable to take part in these snow filled activities.

“I’ve missed snowmobiling the most this year,” Kyle Theil (11) said.

Without an escape through such activities, students are finding themselves bored during the winter months.

“I like winter, but you can’t really do anything, so it’s boring without the snow,” Theil said.

During previous winters, students have enjoyed getting out in the snow at least a few times before it melted.

“I usually went every other weekend to Michigan,” Theil said.

This winter, Chicago and surrounding areas have broken the record for the most days without significant snowfall, which measures more than one inch according to Fox News who reported, “The new record for consecutive days without at least 1 inch of snowfall in Chicago now stands at 320 as of Wednesday [January 9, 2013]. The previous record of 319 consecutive snowless days had stood since 1940.”

“[I am still hopeful for snow], but I’m frustrated that we haven’t gotten any,” Theil said.