Students Reroute Passing Periods

Alex Miskus and lakecentralnews

Blue tape that labeled designated standing areas during passing periods was removed due to the fire marshal’s request. Students are now forced to find new places to socialize during passing periods.

“It’s affected a lot of people because now [we] honestly have nowhere to stand. They tell us to go stand by the foyer, but that is inconvenient for us because most of our classes are in E-hall, C-hall and V-hall,” Samantha Gibson (12) said.

Principals and teachers carefully eye the hallways to make sure students do not congregate where the blue tape was formerly located.

“The senior wall is in the middle and perfect for everyone to go to so we are not late for class. We stand by one person’s locker now, but we just get in everyone’s way. I think it’s more of a fire hazard taking the wall away, because now we have to stand by the lockers and that just makes the hallways more crowded,” Gibson said.

Now students are rerouting their passing periods to find appropriate meeting spots that satisfy the fire codes.

“After lunch, my friends and I have to walk around instead of standing where we used to. It’s more of a hassle to walk around,” Andra Bleier (12) said.

Students question the full effect of the blue tape being removed.

“I just hope they soon let us stand there again because it was never a big deal before. And that wall has been there for so long, why is it such a hazard now when there is not much of a difference at all,” Gibson said.