New Mascot Comes With More Leniency

Kate Toth and lakecentralnews

As talk of changing the school’s mascot emerged during the Athletic Booster Club meeting on Jan. 14, controversy began. Although this is only an idea, it has captivated the attention of students, faculty, alumni and parents.

Many students feel that remaining an “Indian” is an important part of attending Lake Central High School; however, what many do not realize is that many restrictions would be put in place if the mascot were to remain as-is.

When the current construction is completed, no Indian logo or emblem will be incorporated. In addition, the school already self-regulates to avoid the fighting side of the Indian, as well as implementing rules concerning the tomahawk, specific Indian designs and Native American spiritual wear.

If the school were to change its mascot, students would have more opportunities to incorporate creativity and pride. There would be fewer restrictions concerning t-shirt designs and decorations throughout the school.

Change can be positive, even if it’s scary at first. Although holding onto tradition may seem to be a favorable option, embracing innovation and modifications can lead to greater opportunities.