Advanced Theater Students Spend Time “Rememberin’ Stuff”


The theater crew performs as parents and teachers watch. In this scene, the students played hot seat while reminiscing over old memories.

Heather Stedt and lakecentralnews

On Thursday, Jan. 17, Advanced Theater Arts students performed one of their acts from their recently assigned play, “Rememberin’ Stuff” for parents and students in Mrs. Pam Neth’s classroom. Jillian Ryan (12) and Mia Gjeldum (11) stood as the directors of the performance.

“The play has 50 different characters, but since there’s only eight of us, we had to split up the lines,” Jillian Ryan (12) said.

The eight thespians each played a number of roles, some playing up to seven or eight characters.

“[My main] character was Mark. It was different than my own personality, so it was difficult at first to jump into the character, but once I got ahold of it I was perfectly fine,” Alexander Tinklenberg (12) said.

Many students like to take Advanced Theater Arts because of their love for acting and the fun they experience during performances.

“[Theater] really helps me express myself. I think it’s the coolest thing that I get to be somebody else for an hour and a half,” Mia Gjeldum (11) said.