Unexpected Loss Against Portage


Brandon Evers (11) propels himself into the water during the 400 freestyle relay. It was the last race of the season for him.

Liz Markiewicz and lakecentralnews

The boys swimming team has a history of being one of the top teams in the area, winning most of the meets by a large margin. This past Tuesday, Jan. 22, the Indians underestimated the strength of the other team, falling to Portage 78-108.

“I was not expecting to lose. I really did not think that Portage was good. They had some really good swimmers,” Joshua Barajas (10) said.

Most of the boys were originally swimming “off-events”, which are events that they are not strongest in.

“[The coaches] put kids in events they do not normally swim, and then we started to lose. Then we had to switch the lineup and kids weren’t ready to swim those events,” Barajas said.

Although the meet did not go as planned, the boys are determined to come back and show what they have at the Duneland Athletic Conference this Saturday, Jan. 26, at LaPorte.