Divers Make a Splash at Sectionals


Abigail Prince (11) is in the middle of one her first dives at Sectionals. Prince received third place, qualifying for Regionals.

Tanja Jurek and lakecentralnews

Three of LC’s best divers competed in Sectionals bright and early last Saturday, Feb. 2 at Munster High School. The girls that had the opportunity to dive at this meet were Kristen Copple (11), Hannah Leyba (9) and Abigail Prince (11).

“I didn’t think I’d have an opportunity like that [as a freshman],” Leyba said.

Leyba was very honored to be a freshman that qualified for Sectionals. She has only been diving for a few years in the summer, and hadn’t started diving year-round until just this year.

“I thought it was very rewarding getting to dive with upperclassmen. It was stressful but fun at the same time,” Leyba said.

The girls completed 11 dives each before getting their rank and finding out if they qualified for Regionals.

Prince received third place, qualifying for Regionals, Copple fourth and Leyba twelfth.