Mascot Discussion Tabled

Allison Wagner and lakecentralnews

The controversy over changing the mascot has halted for now.

“The board has tabled the discussion until further notice. I believe that, in the board’s discussion, they do not intend to discuss the topic for the ‘13-’14 school year for sure,” Assistant Superintendent Al Gandolfi said.

The idea of a new mascot originally came with the concept new school, new mascot, but after uproar from the student body, the concept became negative, although the intentions were positive.

“Mr. Tobias made a nice presentation and brought up many talking points. I do not speak for the Board of Education, but I believe they just feel that with everything currently going on in the district with construction and the lack of community input at the board meeting, that this would not be the time to take on another initiative such as seeking input from all stakeholders on the LC mascot,” Gandolfi said.

Students will be able to keep wearing their spirit wear and representing their LC Indian pride for at least another year.