Valentines and Flowers Sale


Alec Bisone (11) and Clarence Deckinga (12) watch the booth and take orders from students buying Valentines. The West Lake students sold Valentines each lunch period and the sale went on for a week and a half.

Alayna Wallace and Alayna Wallace

Up until Feb. 14, the West Lake program sold flowers and created Valentines for anyone who was hoping to surprise a special someone.

“We come up with the [card] ideas from the stamps and the little quotes are quirky and fun. We have a slicing machine and the kids slice the paper and have an assembly line where someone else stamps,” Mrs. Laura Drever, West Lake, said.

Trying something new, the West Lake teachers started the Valentines sale this year.

“We started the Valentines sale for jobs for the kids. It kept the kids busy and also was a good fundraiser,” Ms. Mary Kate Conway, West Lake, said.

The Valentine’s sale also meets state employability and social standards.

The booth to buy Valentines and flowers was set in the cafeteria in hope of drawing in any lovestruck students.

“The kids are making the flowers out of tissue paper, and we have a good 300 to 350 orders right now. They will all be delivered on Valentine’s Day,” Drever said.

With holidays coming up, the West Lake Program is brainstorming.

“We are currently thinking of possible ideas for St. Patrick’s Day,”Conway said.