Choir Students Perform at ISSMA State

Christi Raichle and lakecentralnews

On Saturday, Feb. 16, choir students traveled to Perry Meridian High School to compete in the state event ISSMA. The event consists of performers either singing solo acts or singing in an ensemble. In order for students to advance onto the state level, they must achieve a gold ranking at their district event.

“At first I thought it was gonna be hard, when I walked in the judges looked all serious and scary. I was nervous going into it but when I started singing I knew I was gonna do good,” Jacob Kennedy (11) said.

Performances are judged on a scale from 9, a perfect, to 36, the lowest score. A gold ranking is a score ranging from 9 to 13.5, a silver is 14-18, a bronze is 18.5-22.5 and scores of 23 or higher will receive a participation ribbon.

Students who received golds include both Trebleaire and Counterpoint groups, Kennedy, Leslie Lopez (9), Regina LeVander (12), Alayna Prisby (10), Josilyn Farmer (11), Christi Raichle (10), Mia Gjeldum (11), Kristi Schultz (11), Kylee King (12) and Lauren Bourget (11). Small ensembles that received a gold ranking were the Gjeldum Barbershop Quartet which consisted of Gjeldum, Schultz, Farmer and Ashley Bates (11) and the Raichle ensemble, Raichle, Prisby, Emma Rose (11), Sara Rose (12), Breanna Powers (10) and Lindsey Solan (10). These students will perform their pieces at the Classics concert on March 12.