Lake Central Girls Track Goes Up Against Kankakee Valley


Krystal Rea and lakecentralnews

On Thursday, Feb. 28 in the Lake Central Fieldhouse, the girls track team took on Kankakee Valley in a non-scoring meet.

“I got second in the long jump, third in the vault and got first in the 4x[200] because we didn’t have any competitors,” Kaitlyn Moricz (12) said.

Since the team did not have a track to practice on leading up to the meet, the team had to make do with the resources they did have.

“We need to practice harder and be more prepared for the bigger meets. It was difficult to only practice on the treadmill and elliptical,” Haley Loden (12) said.

For practice, the girls utilize not only the weight room equipment, but also the school itself.

“We haven’t been able to practice handoffs often in the four by two. We manage [without a track to practice on]. We still have the fieldhouse. Hurdlers will go upstairs in the freshmen center and we’ll practice handoffs in the straight hallways,” Moricz said.

The girls continue to practice and are gearing toward their 9 a.m. meet against Munster on Saturday, March 9 in the Fieldhouse.

“At [the meet against Kankakee Valley] I improved from last year, but there’s a lot of room for improvement for the next meet,” Loden said.