Staying Home May Be Better Than You Think


Allison Wagner and lakecentralnews

This spring break, you may not have been able to compete with your best friend’s fancy Caribbean Cruise and you are forced to sulk in Northwest Indiana by yourself. Among that sulking, many fail to realize that a fancy (or let’s just call it that) staycation is right around the bend.

And with this alarming realization, I want to introduce you to a place called Through the website, anyone can find many great deals in the tri-town area.

Many of the deals are 50 percent off and allow you to stay in the area for the day while still getting away, such as a $20 ghost walking tour that is offered in many locations.

Zao Island is located in Valparaiso and offers many options to spend the day away. Grab your other friends left at home and reunite with your childhood. Lazer tag and mini golf are just some of the attractions offered. Visit the website for more information.

Maybe one of the most common, but definitely one of the best staycations, is spending the day in the Windy City. Act like a tourist in your own city for the day. Take an elevator ride to the top of the Hancock building or spend the day shopping on Michigan Avenue. Take pictures at “the Bean” and finish the day off at one of Chicago’s famous restaurants, such as Ed Debevic’s. The idea is not one to be passed by; embrace the love of Chicago we all have deep down inside.

Once one steps back and reconsiders, the Chicagoland area offers many ways to spend spring break and can be enjoyed if one puts the pout away and embraces it all.