Varsity Baseball Falls to Crown Point

Even in the cold and rain, the varsity boys baseball continued America’s favorite pastime.

“[Baseball is] everything to me; all day, every day it’s all I think about. Even after practice or games I practice on my own and I hope to make it my profession one day,” Alec Olund (11) said.

The game Tuesday ended with a final score of 1-4, Crown Point taking the win. LC fans were disappointed with the loss but await the next game.

“I would say [the biggest disappointment] was having the lead then losing the game when you know you should have won,” said Olund.

Despite the 28 degree drop in temperature and halting showers, the Indians managed to keep their game up as best they could.

“The wind shifted a lot so we had to position ourselves differently in the field. Also, at the plate with the wind blowing in I realized that a lot of fly-balls aren’t going to travel as far so I changed my game to hitting more line drives,” Olund.

The players didn’t let the opposing team’s jeers and taunts get to them. They stood their ground and kept their eyes on the ball.

“I’ve experienced that my whole life and I just learn to block it out. Those kids have no affect on my game. That just puts more fire into me and I am more determined to be successful,” Olund said.