Hard Work Pays Off


On April 10, 2013 the Band performed their Spring concert in the auditorium with Director Chris Harmon, Fine Arts. They have been preparing since December, putting in all their time and effort into in-school and out-of-school practices.

“We practice every other day at school and three to four days a week for two hours after school when preparing for a concert,” Julia Mrdak(11) said.

A typical practice starts with warming up scales, practicing three of their pieces, and ends with sight reading in which they are given ten minutes to learn new music and are tested to see how much they can pick up on it. Doing all these things helps them prepare for their concerts.

“As director and teacher, Mr. Harmon gives us good advice on improvement, a better attack, stronger breath, and more articulation,” Jesus Hernandez(11) said.

They performed various songs from musicians Samuel R. Hazo, Morten Lauridsen, Richard L. Saucedo, Erik Morales, and Robert Sheldon.

”Mr. Harmon teaches us the best he can and says the most important thing as a musician is to blend with others while playing,” Mrdak said.

On April 26, the Wind Ensemble Group I will have their Qualifying Contest, and on May 4, Wind Ensemble Organizational State Finals will be held.