Freshman Shows Give a Fresh Take


Megan Barry (9) recites lines from the short play “Happily Never After” for her upperclassmen directors Alyssa Graziani (11) and Lauren Bourget (11).

Alayna Wallace and Alayna Wallace

Practicing twice a week, freshman theater enthusiasts prepare for their own mini, scripted show directed by upperclassmen.

“My freshman show is ‘Happily Never After’ which is three separate scenes. They’re takes on modern day fairy tales,” Megan Barry (9) said.

Barry has been involved in theater since 6th grade and is excited about making the most of her freshman shows with her peer directors.

“Since the peer directors already know us [in the show] we’re all a lot more comfortable with each other and it’s easier to receive constructive criticism,” Barry said.

Freshman boys and girls come together to rehearse for their time in the spotlight.

“I’m in the show ‘Charming Princes,’ and it’s about Prince Charming, who is dense and is trying to get Cinderella to fall in love with him. I play his servant who is actually also in love with Cinderella. There is a plot twist at the end,” Sean Meyer (9) said.

Enjoying the influence of peer directors, Meyer feels that he is able to relate to them better and looks forward to performing on opening night.

“I’m excited for the audience to see how much hard work we’ve put into these plays, all four plays. I’m really excited to see the other shows and how they’ve turned out,” Meyer said.

The freshman shows come to life on May 2 and 3.