Senior Banquet Awards

Allison Wagner and lakecentralnews

Per tradition, the Senior Banquet attendees voted for who they wanted to win awards at the banquet. The awards and the winners are as follows:


Best Dressed: Christopher Albright and Marlo Owczarzak

Best Smile: Jonathon McDermott and Lauren Skertich

Best Hair: Justin Wippo and Abigail Emmett

Most Stressed Out: Joshua Rogers and Kristin Paganelli

Best Eyes: Arthur Seida and Hannah Ryba

Best Personality: Luke Taylor and Lauren Skertich

Most Athletic: Ryan Burvan and Alaina Willis

Most Artistic: David Matthews and Amanda Onest

Worst Case of Senioritis: Andrew Reesman and Kristin Paganelli

Most Intelligent: Christopher Albright and Ashley Peterson

Most Dramatic: Austin Todd and Kathryn Toth

Most Gullible: Jeremy Huisenga and Natalie Hynek

Ultimate Superfan: Nicholas Kellams and Keller Phalen

Most Photogenic: Kenneth Whisenton and Taylor Mitchell

Teacher’s Pet: Joseph Majchrowicz and Alexandra Trevino

Biggest Flirt: Daniel Starcevich and Samantha Gibson

Couple that Should Have Been: Jonathan Gross and Lauren Skertich

Biggest Rebel: Andrew Reesman and Nicole Jones

Most Likely to Get Married: Cody Brack and Kristina Dombovic

Biggest Klutz: Peter Boyd and Alexa Rainbolt

Class Snoozer: Justin Wippo and Vanessa Olson

Worst Driver: Anthony Gayton and Taylor Mitchell

Biggest Airhead: Luke Paprocki and Amanda Fazio

Class Clown: Michael Siegle and Alexa Rainbolt

Biggest Gossip: Brandon Topp and Megan Bushey

Life of the Party: Shane Walton and Alexandra Targos

Best Car: Daniel Rodriguez and Holly Pearson

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Michael Siegle

One-in-a-Million: Juan Gaona

Most Likely to Return to LC as a Teacher: Daniel Fox

Most Likely to be President: Anna Oppermann

Most Likely to be Rich and Famous: Steven Fondren-Mitchell

Most Likely to be Late to Graduation: Meri Dodevska

Most Likely to Take a Selfie During Awards: Lauren Doreski

Most Likely to Keep it Real: Luke Taylor

Most Likely to Do Some Good Out There: Marissa Emery


Once students arrived at the banquet, they also voted for who they thought had the best costume:


Best Individual Costume: Johnathan Karahalios

Best Group Costume: Meri Dodevska, Shannon Putnam, Jennifer Rey, Krystal Rea, Samantha Dow, Alyssa Retske, Emma Rogers, Marlo Owczarzak