Senior Banquet Awards

Per tradition, the Senior Banquet attendees voted for who they wanted to win awards at the banquet. The awards and the winners are as follows:


Best Dressed: Christopher Albright and Marlo Owczarzak

Best Smile: Jonathon McDermott and Lauren Skertich

Best Hair: Justin Wippo and Abigail Emmett

Most Stressed Out: Joshua Rogers and Kristin Paganelli

Best Eyes: Arthur Seida and Hannah Ryba

Best Personality: Luke Taylor and Lauren Skertich

Most Athletic: Ryan Burvan and Alaina Willis

Most Artistic: David Matthews and Amanda Onest

Worst Case of Senioritis: Andrew Reesman and Kristin Paganelli

Most Intelligent: Christopher Albright and Ashley Peterson

Most Dramatic: Austin Todd and Kathryn Toth

Most Gullible: Jeremy Huisenga and Natalie Hynek

Ultimate Superfan: Nicholas Kellams and Keller Phalen

Most Photogenic: Kenneth Whisenton and Taylor Mitchell

Teacher’s Pet: Joseph Majchrowicz and Alexandra Trevino

Biggest Flirt: Daniel Starcevich and Samantha Gibson

Couple that Should Have Been: Jonathan Gross and Lauren Skertich

Biggest Rebel: Andrew Reesman and Nicole Jones

Most Likely to Get Married: Cody Brack and Kristina Dombovic

Biggest Klutz: Peter Boyd and Alexa Rainbolt

Class Snoozer: Justin Wippo and Vanessa Olson

Worst Driver: Anthony Gayton and Taylor Mitchell

Biggest Airhead: Luke Paprocki and Amanda Fazio

Class Clown: Michael Siegle and Alexa Rainbolt

Biggest Gossip: Brandon Topp and Megan Bushey

Life of the Party: Shane Walton and Alexandra Targos

Best Car: Daniel Rodriguez and Holly Pearson

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Michael Siegle

One-in-a-Million: Juan Gaona

Most Likely to Return to LC as a Teacher: Daniel Fox

Most Likely to be President: Anna Oppermann

Most Likely to be Rich and Famous: Steven Fondren-Mitchell

Most Likely to be Late to Graduation: Meri Dodevska

Most Likely to Take a Selfie During Awards: Lauren Doreski

Most Likely to Keep it Real: Luke Taylor

Most Likely to Do Some Good Out There: Marissa Emery


Once students arrived at the banquet, they also voted for who they thought had the best costume:


Best Individual Costume: Johnathan Karahalios

Best Group Costume: Meri Dodevska, Shannon Putnam, Jennifer Rey, Krystal Rea, Samantha Dow, Alyssa Retske, Emma Rogers, Marlo Owczarzak