Summer Sports Training Starts Up

Jeannine Toth and Jeannine Toth

Although the school year is coming to a close, many athletes are starting their athletic conditioning for the summer.

“Summer training for football is about three days a week, but in August it gets to be about six days a week,” Ryan Bereda (9) said.

Sports teams condition anywhere from one to six days a week.

“For tennis, we usually get out and hit about twice a week, but it can be difficult because we have to share our courts with the boys, and their season comes months before ours so they get priority,” Kathryn Walsh (10) said.

Many students choose between spending time with friends or working out for their sports.

“Training is tough because it not only exhausts you from the workout, but when you don’t have training, you really don’t want to do anything with your friends because you’re either sore or tired,” Bereda said.

Other sports, such as soccer, cross-country, and many others, also hold summer training or encourage their athletes to participate in some form of training over the summer.

“Summer conditioning for soccer is challenging because it is usually hot outside and we mostly run suicides and we also run the cross country trail. We start practice off three days a week, once a day, but during and after try outs we go to twice a day,” Sarah Bredar (9) said.