Sophomore Class Cabinet decorates for Homecoming


Sean Meyer (10) draws paw prints for the decorations for homecoming. He drew the outline for the prints and other students cut them out.

Rachel Gross and lakecentralnews

Miss Allison Peda, English, and Mrs. Stephanie Sivak, English, are sponsoring the Sophomore Class Cabinet for their first time. Although it is tough to be inexperienced leaders, Peda and Sivak took on the challenge of leading the class cabinet with the help of the enthusiastic sophomores.

“We have a good group with a lot of ideas, which I am very excited about,” Mrs. Sivak said. “[The sophomores] brought a lot of new and exciting ideas to the table and they are very motivated.”

The teachers decided to take on the challenge to get more involved in the school. The sophomores who attended the meeting on Sept. 11 came up with the theme “The Lion King” for the sophomore hallway. The students made this theme come to life on Sunday, Sept. 22 when they met in A-Hall to decorate.

“I love the Lake Central students and I wanted to interact with them more,” Mrs. Sivak said. To prepare for this decorating, the class cabinet members met in E111 on Sept. 16 through Sept. 20 to prepare for Sunday. The students strived to represent the sophomore class in a positive way by decorating the hallways to the best of their ability.

“I think [the hallway] will turn out really well because we all worked together to make an awesome product. I think homecoming is a really great thing to be a part of,” Eva Kimberly (10) said.