Chess Club prepares for tournament


George Beshara (10) watches as his opponent moves his piece forward. Beshara eventually won against his opponent, who he had played against numerous times before.

Allissa Aardema and lakecentralnews

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, Chess Club members gathered for a meeting in A116 to play each other and prepare for their April tournament.

“We usually break the players up into two teams for the tournaments – the A and the B teams. This year we have about 15 students who have joined,” Dr. Dustin Verpooten, Chess Club Sponsor, said.

The students who are in the club have had much experience and enjoy playing against each other.

“I like playing chess because I like finding out if I am smarter on an intellectual level than my opponent. I win only about 50 percent of the time, but I learn to adjust my strategy and technique through my losses,” Robert Hemmerling (12) said.

Dr. Verpooten hopes to aim high for the club’s first tournament in April.

“The highest place we have ever gotten was 11th, but this year I am really aiming for the top 10. I think that with the students we have this year, we will easily achieve that goal,” Dr. Verpooten said.

The players meet every Wednesday after school in preparation for their April competition.