Thespians take to stage in “Robin Hood”


Prince John, played by Jackson DeLisle (10), looks at Robin Hood in disbelief, denying that he is no longer part of the royal family. In this final scene, Robin Hood forced the Prince to leave the country with the help of some friends.

Kristina Plaskett and lakecentralnews

At 7 p.m. on Nov. 21, thespians performed the play “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood,” written by Mary Lynn Dobson.

“The best part of the play was the opportunity. I got to create something beautiful with such an amazing group of people. The connections among the cast and crew of the show were some of the best I’ve ever made in a show,” Alyssa Graziani (12) said.

With action and humor in each scene, the actors and actresses told a story with a fun twist.

“On stage, I completely become my character. My only concerns are those which are happening onstage. In order to portray a character such as Maid Marian the right way, it’s really essential to become her,” Graziani said.

Performing a play doesn’t just happen overnight. The thespians have been practicing since auditions in September.

“Auditions were in mid-September and then we had practices basically every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday,” Brett Balicki (10) said.

Many of the actors and actresses favored changes this play brought to the stage.

“This was one of my favorite, it was fun to be over-the-top and exaggerated all the time,” Mia Gjeldum (12) said.

Backstage before the play, the actors and actresses prepared themselves to go on stage and give a solid performance.

“Every time before the play we have rituals that some of us do, and the purpose is to get us pumped up and ready for the show,” Balicki said.

The thespians agreed that opening night went well.

“I actually think the play went smoothly. No one messed up their lines or blocking, so we ran the show almost perfectly,” Balicki said.