Freshmen take an act on DNA


Mrs. Julie Shupryt’s 5th hour biology class work on a DNA separation experiment, by placing bags of kiwi and strawberries in a hot pot of water. The kids worked with college professors from Purdue Calumet on DNA separation experiments.

Stephanie Torres and lakecentralnews

During the fifth hour Matrix period, Mrs. Julie Shupryt’s, Science, class had the opportunity to watch two professors from Purdue University Calumet perform experiments.

The freshman students also got the chance to perform a experiment that went along with what they learned last quarter.

“It was a DNA extraction lab. We took strawberries and kiwis and removed their DNA and played with it to help students see the structure of DNA,” Mrs. Shupryt said.

The purpose of the experiments was to give the biology students a sneak peek on what they will be learning second semester. The fifth hour class was the only class that had this privilege.

“The others classes were scheduled at a time the professors had class, so there was no way she could come in,” Mrs. Shupryt said.

Students had to work in pairs to perform the experiments.

“I liked it[the experiment] it was really fun, because we we’re actually putting the stuff we learned in real life situation which we don’t normally do,” Katherine Veronesi said (9).