Snowed out of the auditorium


Brett Balicki (10), Lauren Bourget (12), Jackson DeLisle(10), Adam Gustus (9) and Kendra Williams (11) practice a dance for the musical during the first dance rehearsal in the auditorium. After going through the steps a few time, they began to get the hang of the dance

Raeanne O'Day and lakecentralnews

With the two snow days on Jan. 7 and 8, the members of Lake Central Theater Company not only lost two school days, but also two practices for the musical.

“We are losing about eight hours of rehearsal time, and it’s rough. But we are practicing [Jan. 8th] to work on dancing for the first time,” Brianna Mamelson (12) said.

Despite the loss of practice time, those involved in this years musical, “Zombie Prom,” by John Dempsey, are continuing to focus for opening night, which will be in February.

“[When I start focusing] I think a lot of breathing. My part is the lead this year and that’s extremely nerve-wracking. Opening night will be stressful but it will also be the best night ever,” Lauren Bourget (12) said.

Yet, as opening night approaches, so do the last days in the auditorium.

“It feels really weird to know this is the last show in the aud. I’m hoping there is a way for us to save the doors that past cast and crew have signed, but I’m glad that there will be a nicer facility for the future of LCTC,” Mamelson said.