Technicians hard at work

Taylor BeDuhn and lakecentralnews

With only a few weeks before opening night, the technicians for the production of the musical, “Zombie Prom”, have been hard at work. Many items have been crossed off the technicians’ “to do” list, while other items have been added.

“We’re almost done making the wall flats look like lockers. We’re making them out of plywood since this is a dramatic show and things don’t need to be too realistic,” Mr. Ray Palasz, English, said.

Except for Palasz, all designers are students, and they work on their own part of the show after school. The time after school is used to work on these designs so they can be done before the show.

“Today we practiced ‘50s hairstyles and picked out the color combinations to create the zombie look,” Jessica Swatosh (11) said.

Students still have work to do, and the opening night is quickly approaching.

“We’ve pulled all of our ‘50s style prom dresses from the costume room, but we still don’t have enough that fit for the cast. We’ll definitely need to go on a Goodwill hunt for some more dresses,” Paige Kruk (12) said.

The show runs from Thursday, Feb. 13 until Saturday, Feb. 15 at 7:00 p.m. with a Sunday show at 2:00 p.m.