Preparing for next year, dealing with this year’s problems

Paige Chelbana and lakecentralnews

In recent years technology has progressed tremendously, and Lake Central has gradually accepted and adapted to the new ways technology can be applied to school-related matters. In the last 3 years, scheduling classes has taken a new route. Why make the trip to guidance when Internet access is the only thing necessary to schedule classes?

“Normally, [scheduling classes online] is more efficient because counselors are still here to talk and help with scheduling, but the students that don’t have any questions don’t need to waste time coming down to us, when they can quickly do it at home,” Mrs. Lauren Sandor, Guidance Counselor, said.

This semester started off a little rocky when it came to Internet and technology. Online scheduling was supposed to be open to students to use on Jan.13, but due to technical issues, it just recently was made open for student use.

“It’s opened for you guys now, we just had to make sure everything was working properly. Some classes aren’t available for all the students while other classes are mandatory, so we needed to block certain options for students. Also, we were waiting for teacher recommendations as well,” Mrs. Sandor said.

Luckily for students, online scheduling is up and running once again. Incoming seniors have until Feb. 7 to schedule classes. Feb. 10-21 will be the timespan open for incoming juniors, and freshmen and sophomores will schedule at the same time between Feb. 24-March 7.