All that jazz

Maneet Mander and lakecentralnews

Love and swing were in the air on Feb. 6 as Jazz Ensembles I and II put on their Valentine Jazz Concert in the Fieldhouse.

“I just like that jazz is a lot more fun and laid back; you can do a lot more with it than you can with classical music,” Leslie Lopez (10) said.

The jazz ensembles spent the beginning of the year learning the basics of jazz, then moved on to sight-reading music and performing. Some students, such as Nicholas Perez (10), got the chance to perform solos.

“[Jazz] is really relaxing, it zones out everything in the real world because you are always thinking about the next note to play, you’re not really worried about anything else,” Perez said.

Lopez also got the chance to perform a solo, but not on her trumpet. She sang Michael Buble’s version of “Feeling Good” during the Jazz I portion of the concert.

“I think it went well, I was really excited to do it because I’ve heard so many versions of that song but I was excited we did the Michael Buble version because it’s my favorite,” Lopez said.