Through the looking glass

Alyssa Born and lakecentralnews

As the seniors count down their final days until graduation, the juniors sit back and wait for their moment to shine.

Junior year is filled with multiple stresses. From ACT and SAT tests to AP classes, it is very easy to crumble under the pressure. But, as the year comes to an end, a glimmer of hope begins to shine through. It is a surreal feeling that most of the people you spent the last four years with will soon be a memory of your past.

I understand that high school doesn’t last forever, but thinking about the future scares me a little bit. At this moment, high school seems like the world. When that world finally decides to “feed me to the wolves,” how am I going to handle it?

Senior year is approaching quickly and I want to grasp every opportunity that comes my way next year. I feel like I have let so many opportunities slide by without a second thought. Instead of being of afraid of the future I am going to take hold of it and enjoy it.