A curious mystery

Mark Haddon’s mystery novel released in 2003, “The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Nighttime” tells the story of

Christopher Boone, who describes himself as “a mathematician with some behavioral difficulties.”

Told in first person, this novel allows one to dive into the innermost thoughts of 15-year-old Christopher. His behavioral dysfunctions require ample understanding and attention from his father, who leads Christopher to believe that his mother is dead.

The mystery begins with Christopher discovering a dead dog while walking around his neighborhood at night. The dog was stabbed to death with a pitchfork, but it is unknown who the murderer is. Christopher is deeply disturbed by this sight and begins an investigation, taking notes in a notebook that he keeps very close to him.

While uncovering this mystery, Christopher learns things about his family that have been kept from him and also gets to know the people in his neighborhood who have shunned him for years.

This story has an interesting plot and offers a very unique perspective. The author allows one to become more understanding of what goes on inside different peoples’ heads.

The author very well emphasizes the interesting train of thought held by Christopher. It really enlightened me on the differences of everybody’s thought process. I believe this novel can teach people to be more mindful of others, especially of people who don’t act or think exactly as you do.

The deeper into the novel, the more Christopher begins to grow on the reader. The author provides very strong characterization by allowing us to know everything that goes on insides Christopher’s mind. Throughout this heart-touching yet intense mystery novel, there is also some comic relief. There is really something for everyone in this book.