Drama II brings children’s books to life

Zachary Buntin and lakecentralnews

On March 3, also known as National Read Across America Day, the Advanced Drama students traveled over to Kolling Elementary School and performed the “Miss Nelson” children’s book series, written by Harry Allard.

“We were trying to promote reading and the fact that everybody’s imaginations are different. So what we did was we asked the kids to use their imaginations and we brought these stories to life as we had a narrator read the stories,” Brittany Busby (10) said.

The Advanced Drama class divided themselves into three groups, each taking on one book to prepare for the children. The students set aside class time to work on these skits as well as their normal course work.

“My favorite part was probably going back to Kolling as seeing old teachers that I used to be around and watching the kids reactions as they were looking up at us,” Kendra Williams (11) said.