Centralettes take it home again

Veronica Davis and lakecentralnews

Bringing home a National Championship title is no walk in the park for the Centralettes. The Lake Central dance team won another national title March 8 in Orlando, Florida.

“When they announced the second-place team it didn’t feel real, and we all just started crying. Being announced as a National Champion was the best feeling in the world,” Courtney Carlson (11) said.

The Centralettes had practiced for approximately a year in order to prepare for their national competition this March.

“Being able to have a tangible reward for the hard work we’ve put in for the past 11 months was amazing. We all just hugged and cried together because we were so happy,” Emma Hupp (11) said.

This is not the first time the Centralettes have brought home a National title for Lake Central. For the upperclassmen, this was their fourth national title they have won, and for first-year varsity dancers, this was an amazing first-time accomplishment.

“Getting to win a National Championship as a rookie was pretty amazing,” Carlson said.

Along with placing first in Jazz, the Centralettes placed in the top five in their other divisions of dance as well.

“We won first in jazz division and fifth in hip-hop division (large varsity), with a close second place score out of all 60 jazz dance,” Emma Hupp (11) said.