West Lake takes loss as win


The West Lake team huddles and cheers for player Kyle Kujawa (9). Kujawa made a basket in the last few seconds of the game as the final buzzer went off.

Colleen Quinn, Author

On March 16, current West Lake students came together from both Lake Central and Munster to play against some of their friends and former classmates.

The opposing team revealed that their experience and dedication was enough to win. Although the final score was 55-41, those involved believed that this game was a spiritual win.

“I really believe that the scoreboard is always 0-0, and all you have to do is compete against yourself,” Mr. Tim Powers, West Lake coach, said.

The West Lake team took some time to put points on the scoreboard, but the game quickly turned around and the team was able to catch up to the opponents.

“My favorite part about basketball is everything. I like shooting baskets, passing the ball and helping my teammates. We came back [during the game], and that was really good,” Nick Franczak (10) said.

Although they were not able to come out with the final win, the players still had fun and felt as though the game was a good experience.

“Basketball is my favorite sport, and today I got to be with all my friends,” Alec Bisone (12) said.